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6969 fruits, 0.69 SOL, A Trivia Game In The Making

Animated Fruits

Once Upon A Time...

...6’969 fruits were created by a rather eccentric gardener with a knack for science. Those funky and frankly cute creations offer much more to what meet the eye. Owning a fruit will bring you advanced perks for our play-to-earn trivia game. Beside being able to win prizes in the form of SOL and NFTs, fruits will grant you extra lives and access to our discord Funky Fruit Society.


When is the mint?

October 25th, 2021 at 8pm UTC

What is the price of a Funky Fruit?

0.69 sol

How many Funky Fruits will be minted?


Beyond an awesome-looking fruit, what do I get when I buy a Funky Fruit?

A ticket. The first ticket of its kind that gives admission to an actual competitive game. Not a boring grind, but a game where you compete against fellow holders for real prizes. Big Prizes. SOL. Blue Chip NFTs. Tokens in upcoming projects. Rotted fruits delivered to your door. You name it!

What kind of games exist in the Funky Fruit Universe?

Our first game will test the wits of our holders. Enter a live game, where if you get one question wrong you are eliminated. From there, we are developing an ecosystem of games that will be fun, rewarding, and risk free.

Why this new method of gaming?

75% of our secondary marketplace royalties will go to our winners. Redistributions NFTs give money from secondary sales evenly to all holders. That means whales just eat the majority and most get peanuts. What if the most active, most intelligent, and most fruity members got all the rewards? They would be receiving over 50 times as much in their wallets as before.

ff game

Why fruits?

They are fresh, they are funky, they are good for you. A no-brainer. Those are not your usual fruits either but a feisty, pesky, and competitive lot.

Wen game?

Soon, the game is under active development. We are planning to get you all training in our discord for a taste of the competition soon.

Wen moon?